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Airplane sound

i have 2004 grand prix. when the wheels move, the car sounds like an airplane engine. it doesnt make the noise until the wheels are rolling. i can put it in neutral while the wheels are rolling and it still makes that noise. the faster the wheels roll, the louder the airplane sound. the noise seems to be getting louder each day.

You have a wheel bearing failure.

test for this by weaving back and forth (not in traffic, obviously) If it gets louder as you’re turning left or right, then it’s the opposite wheel - -i.e. if you swerve left and you hear the noise increase, then it’s the right side bearing.

Now, when you say airplane engine, do you mean a propeller plane or a jet plane? Because if it has the whine of a jet engine it could be an alternator that’s getting ready to die. Test for that by revving the car in neutral and listening for the sound.

Another way to verify a wheel bearing failure is to jack up each corner of the car (tranny in neutral and car WELL secured against movement) and spin the wheel by hand. A bearing this noisy will be heard when you spin the wheel.

Classic wheel bearing symptoms. Problem is most likely in the front if you hear it that well. You probably should get it fixed as soon as you can if it is getting louder each day, before it turns into a complete failure. If you are going to keep the car for a long time, I would also request a NAPA or CarQuest bearing. They cost a little more, but I have had them last much longer than cheaper ones.