Subaru starter problems

I have a 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon and for several months it would occasionally not start immediately. This never happened the first time I’d start the car in the morning, but only after I’d driven somewhere and left it parked for awhile. When I turned the key, all I got was a click and then all the sudden after about 5 -10 minutes the engine would turn over. Every time I took it to my mechanic he was unable to recreate the problem. Finally, it got worse and the mechanic was able to determine that the starter needed to be replaced. With the new starter the car seemed fine, but now 14 months later, I have once again had two incidents when the car would not start. Does this car just need a new starter every 12 months or so or is there something else going on that is contributing to this problem?

The starter solenoid contacts are a common wear item after about 10 years of service tthat causes this kind of trouble. That shouldn’t be the trouble now but it could be. Also clean the battery connections as that could be the problem. Another possible source of trouble is the main lead to the starter could have corrosion in it and cause the trouble.