Subaru funny start issue

I recently bought a Subaru Legacy 2000. When I first got it it started fine, however when I leave it sit for overnight or up to a week it doesn’t like to start. It will click, and eventually anywhere from 5 minutes to a half an hour it will eventually start right up.

I replaced the battery and the connections after talking to a mechanic… And after both of these fixes it started just fine for a few days. But I am suspecting the starter. The only issue is once I have had the car going after the initial trouble it will fire off just fine for the rest of the day. Other than the starter could it be moisture in something? Like I said it only will do this when it sits over night or longer?

Thanks for your help in advance:)

It may be the starter or if it’s an automatic the neutral safety switch may be failing. If it does it again…just shift to neutral and see if it starts. If it does…replace the neutral safety switch. If it’s a manual shift…you may have a failing clutch interlock switch. It serves basically the same function as a neutral safety switch in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.

When you say it does not start, does the battery turn the engine? Does it just go click and do nothing?

Lights, stereo, all all on. Then it clicks as I turn the key.

Starter bad.

You need a new starter.

No excessive dimming of the lighting while trying to start the engine?

Offhand it does sound like a faulty starter motor. That’s unusual because Subarus have almost zero problems with starter motors.

I’m assuming the click you hear is the starter solenoid and not a relay for whatever clicking somewhere.

If the click you are hearing is coming from the starter then the trouble is most likely due to worn out solenoid contacts in the starter solenoid mounted with the starter motor. This is a fairly common issue with vehicles older than 10 years. The contacts themselves can be replaced but you may just want to replace the whole starter since it has to be removed from the engine anyways.

If the click is coming from a different relay than the starter solenoid then the trouble is likely to be with the “inhibit” or safety switch. This is another fairly common problem. Dirty contacts keep power from getting to the solenoid. The trouble is most likely due to one of these two common issues.