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Subaru Outback '97 Power Lock Issue

My girlfriend’s car ('97 Subaru Outback) is having a weird power lock problem.

The lock in the car (drivers side only) will not physically lock. If you try pushing the lever in, it gives alot of resistance and will not snap closed to lock the door. Also, the key on that door will not lock the door (you can’t turn it). If you used the keyless remote,

power lock system sounds like it’s straining and does nothing - no doors lock or unlock.

I looked online and really couldn’t find anything besides maybe a bad/blown fuse or a grounding issue?

I want to pull the door panel off, and take a look - but I haven’t had time.

Any ideas/suggestions???

If you don’t have the time, don’t know what to do out side the panel, aren’t willing to take to a mechanic, want the car to lock and only looking for advice here…trade the car.

Until you pull the door panel you won’t know what’s binding the lock mechanism.

I agree. The panel will have to be removed to see what is causing the mechanical problem.