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Subaru Radiator Leaks

My husband is now installing the 3rd radiator in my 2009 Subaru Outback. It appears that road debris is being kicked up into the radiator and putting holes in it, which then leaks out fluid. Is there something that is supposed to be under the radiator to protect it from this happening. My husband thinks it is just that the parts are made very cheaply now and therefore not reliable. Please help.

I find it hard to believe that debris from the road is causing this trouble. I have never heard of this kind of trouble on a Subaru or any other car for that matter. I don’t want to say this but my first thought is somebody may be doing this to your car, but that is pretty hard for me to believe also. Is the car left out at night where someone could get at it? Replacing the pressure cap may be good to do if you haven’t done that already.

Thanks for the reply. No the car is not left out at night. It is alwasys garaged. The radiator was actually punctured near the bottom. The rib was punctured, which leads us to believe that it could be road debris because it would be very difficult for someone to get under there to do the damage. Puzzling isn’t it?