Subaru outback coolant leak / heater core advice

I’d like to repost my question just in case one of you subaru geniuses out there has some advice for me.

In addition to the info in the prior posting:

1) the temperature is remaining steady.

2) we had a mechanic doing an oil change yesterday who added a little coolant (said it was a teeny tiny bit low)


Sorry for the repost - and thanks in advance for your ideas,


If you are smelling coolant inside the heat vents then it would seem the heater core is leaking. You could have a pressure test done to see how bad things are. Since you have had two heater cores replaced already it seems it would be unlikely that the core is leaking again. I suppose another possibility is there is a leak in the engine compartment and the fumes are coming through the the air intake vent. Check for small leaks under pressure. With the age and mileage on the car you should consider getting a newer vehicle.