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Subaru Outback Wagon 99 Odometer

the odometer work on and off, and more off then on. Any thoughts what might be wrong

Does the speedometer work consistently?
Is the transmission shifting properly?

No it does not work consistently. And its a five speed. Some times when we shift it seams that the clutch is not disengaging all the way. A grinding noise is heard. I was thinking it was another issue with the clutch.

It sounds like the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) needs to be replaced.

In addition to the odometer and speedometer problems, if this car had an automatic transmission, the shifting would be affected by a bad VSS. Since its a 5-speed manual trans, any trans/clutch issues are unrelated to the VSS.

Is this easy to change. I have some skills but not and expert. Thanks for the info

Offhand, I don’t recall if the VSS on this vehicle is external to the transmission, or if it is internal. If it is external, this is not a difficult job.