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Old car decision

I need some general advice. I have a 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i with 197,000 miles. Its my around town car in the winter and we take it on long trips to spare the miles on my wife’s much newer Outback. It’s been fairly reliable, although we did replace the torque conveter and I think the catalytic converter. I like it for the AWD and the space in the back. I have the option to buy my father-in-law’s 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T for $4300. It has 148,000 miles but the engine was replaced under warranty at 113,000 miles. It’s a delightful car for road trips, very quiet and powerful. As much as I love the Outback I know I’m creeping into very high mileage territory. I’d love to get the thoughts of some car people. Which car do you think will be more reliable and cost less to maintain over the next 30,000 miles? Which would you prefer? Or should I ditch both and aim for another Outback with slightly fewer miles?


I always say the perfect way to ruin a friendship is to buy or sell a vehicle from or to a friend or relative.
I really don’t understand why you are not using the newer vehicle more. I think just driving the 2010 Outback until it dies is a better move. You already have a used vehicle why get another one that may have not been taken care of.


I’m not a Subie fan but also not a Kia or Hyundai fan. For 30,000 miles I think I’d just stick with what you have and know about. But remember you are in uncharted territory so decide what to do if a major issue comes up. Nothing against folks that buy Hyundai but it is not the first engine replacement done under warranty at relatively low mileage. A guy at work had something like 30K and the thing just stopped no warning and the engine was ruined. No reason for me anyway, to believe the second engine is any better than the first. Long warranty not withstanding.

I’ll provide my input along with informing you I’m biased against Subarus. I would quickly replace the Subaru with the Hyundai IF the Hyundai didn’t have a turbo. People that drive turbos, including me, tend to drive aggressively, which is rough on the engine and the rest of the drivetrain. On the other hand, the Hyundai doesn’t have a head gasket that leaks like a collander, or a complex AWD to maintain.

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I tend to steer away from buying or selling cars with family. It can lead to bitterness if things don’t go as planned, whether that means your FIL thinks you’re not taking good enough care of it or you might be tempted to blame him when something on the car breaks or fails.

If he can get $4,300 for the trade-in, let him trade it in, and keep driving what you have until you’re ready to buy something else.


You got flagged for that???

Yes , I did . And lately other people have been flagged for posts that probably did not deserve a flag .


Yes there are some very sensitive folks here it seems. I still think when you flag someone, you should man/woman/them up and state the case. Otherwise everyone is a suspect as they say.

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I agree completely, but then again, I have rubbed some people the wrong way myself by telling people that their wishful thinking was not based on reality.


That was flagged by another user, and I agreed with it. It’s not anybody’s business what the poster’s profession is. He is here, and he is asking, and he didn’t come to be told he should know better than to ask.


I flagged you, I was a data analyst, oversaw 100 plus computers for anti virus, software backup, oversaw data input, fixed anything with a cord or a battery, installed laptop gps computers for mobile mapping in vehicles, fixed my own cars in the beginning in 1970. etc. etc. and I ask questions on this forum, so I found your statement counter productive to maintaining a sustainable base, so yes I took it personally.


Thanks for coming forward. edited out.


I think OP would be better off selling the 197 K Subaru Outback — too many miles for comfort – and buying another one of the same make and model but a newer one w/ around 15-30 k miles. OP likes the Outback ride and configuration, so just stick with what you know. Since OP is ok w/an automatic trans configuration, might want to focus on the local rental car agency sales lots that offer Outbacks. I find those ex-rental cars typically are a pretty good $$$ value when you consider their service records and usually come w/some pretty good warranty terms.

To be honest, neither of those choices are cars that I would want to own or drive. However, since you already own the 2010 Outback, and since it is fully depreciated at this point, it makes sense to keep it until it dies. You can always buy another used car if/when that happens. Who knows? You might get another 100,000 miles out of the Outback.


Yeah I have to agree with @bcohen2010 as I was thinking the same thing as far as the choices offered here so I would suggest the lesser of the evils in the Soobie.

Surely you will want to avoid a vehicle transaction between family and or friends… that is a well known, well worn, time tested truism… Its a No-no… and the reasons are so varied it is beyond the scope of what I am willing to write about… lol… Just please avoid this idea.

The Subaru, is something you know currently. Personally, I’m the type to rely upon a known quantity well before an unknown one…not sure about you. I would write about known knowns and known unknowns but I don’t know that speech from memory yet,


Is this a $4300 improvement? I don’t think so. No awd, less space only 2 years newer.


I think he made himself fair game by putting it on his profile. I just took Volvo’s wry comment as having no evil intent, just a slight bit of irony the OP could have acknowledged by replying, “yet here I am asking”

I guess truck drivers (me) are not used to hanging out with sensitive people.


Your style is okay in my book :+1:

So If I said you are a truck driver why do you need to post on a car forum you would be fine with it?


The OP didn’t come here to be judged on his knowledge or capabilities on used vehicles or finances. Questioning why a person should need help is off topic and has spoiled another thread.