Subaru legacy wagon 1 or 2 inch fuel pump?

Well I am in a bit of a jam. I have a 1993 Subaru legacy wagon and I live in Mexico… a few years back my pulley went bad so I took it in and my mechanic did some magic having it rethreaded since Subi parts are nowhere to be found… that fix held for a couple years with a couple more rethreads but after the last one it became clear that I needed to get the real part so that the crankshaft wouldn’t get worn down. So it sat, poor Subi, for a few months. Finally I replaced the part, got my car back on the road and it only lasted a few days before it started losing all its punch and making a bunch of noise. So I let it sit for a while till I found another mechanic who had actually heard of a subaru (a couple more months) and he had me fetch a MAF sensor and some spark plug cables. I also had him change the fuel filter. I was breifly bcak on the road but once again… no go. It didn’t even last the night before it just shut off while driving, then again at a light… and then it just wouldn’t start. Now the mechanic says its the fuel pump. He says they get stuck when a car sits. So once again my car sits, found a place in Mexico that can ship me my fuel pump, but… they need to know if I need a 1 inch or a 2 inch … frankly I don?t have the slightest clue. His diagnosis method was to pour some gasoline on the engine and see if it started, (which it did) so… I just need to know if subi fuel pumps get stuck from sitting and what is the part I need, since my trips to the US are few and far between.

Help me get back on these Mexican roads

The trouble may be with the fuel pump relay. See if your mechanic eliminated it as the problem before looking at the pump. I don’t know for sure what size pump you need. Here is a link to a good Soob forum. You may get more help there.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do have a suggestion.

I really think that you need to get rid of this car, and that you should buy a brand that is a known quantity in Mexico. Owning a 17-18 year old car that is a mystery to the mechanics and whose parts are unavailable is just not practical from any standpoint.

You are eventually going to be in a situation where you are stranded in a very inconvenient location, and no mechanic will be able to help you. Don’t you want to avoid situations like that?