Subaru Forester 1998 Overheating problem - strange sloshing noise

We recently bought a used subaru forester and was told that it recently had the water pump and timing belt redone. The only thing it needed fixed was the wheel bearings. After a few weeks of driving it we started to have overheating problems. Our mechanics can find nothing wrong with the car and say it is not the head gasket. We are at a loss as to what to do because the problems continues. We have replaced the thermostat and sensors. Also, there is a sloshing noise behind the dashboard that sounds unusual. I am assuming this is part of the problem but have no idea what is causing it. Any ideas from people who have had similar experience?

I have not had a similar experience, but as a Subaru owner I know how bad overheating can be. Overheating can be death to a Subaru engine, and you must find someone who can figure out what’s wrong with your car before serious damage results.

Head gasket problems are common on this vintage Subaru. Your car has the 2.5 litre engine, right? How did your mechanic determine that the head gaskets are not the problem? There are mechanics, and there are Subaru mechanics. You may need a Subaru mechanic.

The sloshing noise may be a clue. If there is air in the cooling system, it could cause both the sloshing noise and the overheating. Or there could be water trapped in the HVAC system due to a clogged drain tube, and it sloshes back and forth when you turn left or right. When do you hear this sloshing sound?

Does the heat work? Or does it fade in and out?