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Coolant smell coming from 97 Subaru Legacy

Occasionally I notice the smell of antifreeze when I get out of my 97 Subaru Legacy. I don’t notice in the interior of the car. The hoses and water pump were replace about a year ago and have about 10,000 miles on them. The antifreeze level in the radiator is fine and the reservoir is a little on the low side. Is this possibly a small pin hole leak in the radiator? I don’t see any noticeable leaks. Should I just use the stop leak to remedy this problem? or will that potentially cause other problems?

The specific model is not the Outback, Lsi, or GT is it? All these models have an engine (2.5L) notorious for blowing headgaskets.

I had the headgaskets replaced 5,000 miles ago

yes it’s the 2.5L GT

whrere? and what brandname gaskets were used?

Halle’s Autocare in Kalamazoo, MI and they used the gaskests recommended by Subaru

pressure test the rad cap,and cool sys.or go back and smell the exhast running ,does it smell sweet?

Don’t put any stop leak into this car. Have the issue identified and if head gasket take it back and hopefully two is a charm.