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Subaru FWD fuse

Where do I find the FWD fuse on a 1998 outback - with auto ??

I have chatter at very low speed when turning and entering or leaving a parking place. Suspect the center diff.

I’m not sure of this but, I don’t think they have one.

check out this web site…

The website describes a way worse problem than I have… And they clearly refer to the FWD fuse. Where is that sucker hidden ??

Or maybe I should ask how does one disable the AWD for diagnostic purpose ?? The owners manual describes the FWD indicator as “this light comes on when … ( AWD )is switched off … for maintenance or similar purposes.” But the Owners manual doesn’t say how. I have a couple of aftermarket Subaru books and neither says how - at leas as far as I can find.

I found the FWD fuse holder. Back by the wiper motor behind the passengers side shock tower. Clearly marked :frowning: