Rear diff



1997 subaru outback the rear wheels do not pull “spin” only the front, can any one give me any advice


We are assuming you have front drive only ? In discussing this before, my 97 manual had a viscous coupled mechanically controlled center diff. Any problems would involve maintenance of differential or parts failure. The automatic had an electronically controlled, if that’s yours, it could be a fuse or maintenance issue or parts failure. I’d check fuses first if auto and work from there. Get lucky !.


yes it is only the front and it is a auto, thank you for your reply


Is there a fuse in the FWD receptacle under the hood? If so, remove the fuse and see if the rear drive works.

Inserting a fuse in the FWD receptacle disables the rear drive.

This only applies to Subarus with automatic transmissions. The manual cars are different.


i took the fuse out and the rear wheels engaged, what do i need to do to fix this problem or what is wrong?? thank you for your reply


Let me guess.
Did you just buy this car?

If that is the case, then it is likely that the seller was trying to cover up a problem with the viscous coupling. That repair can cost several hundred $$ if it needs to be done.

Does the car have matched tires? If not, that is the likely source of possible damage to the viscous coupling.


yes i just bought it, the tires are a match set, but the front tires are worn worse than back ones that is why i knew the rear wasn’t pulling. but i knew when i had it on a muddy road and almost got stuck,only front tires pulling, but pulling the fuse engaged the rear… abought how much does it cost to fix myself… again i thank you


I think you did fix it. Now get 4 new tires to make sure you don’t break anything.


my question is why won’t it engage in by it’s self, is there a bad sensor some where. thanks for your reply