2009 Subaru Forester - Glitch prevents re-fueling

My 2009 Forester has for the past several years had the annoying problem of the dash lights coming on or flashing from time to time. When that happens, the gas filling pipe shuts off and you can’t put gas in the car until you unhook the battery and reset the system. I had it looked at by several mechanics and the dealer finally recommended changing the gas cap. That helped for a time but then it started happening again. I always screw the cap on tight with 3 clicks, and that seems to help for a bit, but eventually the lights will come on again. I know from the internet that other Forester owners have had this problem. I’m wondering, has Subaru fixed this problem in newer models after 2015?

Dash lights?
Yet no CEL?
An evap system error would illuminate the CEL. Dash lights flickering is electrical. Which is it?
If CEL, have the codes read and report back.