Subaru Engine stalls when slowing down or stopping?

I have a '05 Subaru Forester Xt Manuel transmission. When the engine is cold and I go to slow down and shift out of 3rd down to 2nd gear the engine stalls out. My subaru dealership has tried everything and so far no answers. Any suggestion?

Could you supply a list of what they have tried? Do you know if they found any stored errors in the computer?

Ask the Subaru dealer to engage technical support with Subaru. Otherwise try another dealer. Are you still under warranty, I imagine yes given powertrain is 5yrs/60k on Subaru.

They have done a 60,000 mile tune up, changed the Neutral switch, put in a new reflash, and its still there and the they are now saying electircal. Oh, yeah they really thought it was the air fuel filter, but nope. So, I’m not sure what they have done recently. It has been there for about a month or so.

When it stalls it doesn’t leave a code behind but when they hook up the computer they get code which I believe was the neutral switch and the filter.