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Stumped the mechanic- Subaru Forester dies

Dear Car Talk Community,

My beloved Subaru Forester 01 occasionally stalls after it has been parked for a few minutes. This usually occurs after a good rainfall. If I wait 10 minutes, the car begins to start. I have taken it to my trusty mechanic and he can’t diagnose the problem. Here are some important stats:

1) Battery replaced in February. 2) Had a recent tune up with spark plugs replaced. 3) The engine light doesn’t come on when the car stalls. 4) Does not make a clicking sound. 5) Once started, the car does not stall.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Try removing the battery terminal connections and scraping both the battery posts and the connecting clamp surfaces. That MAY fix your problem.

And do the same cleaning to the other ends of those cables.