Subaru baja 2005 turbo tonneau cover locks

My tonneu cover locks that came stock with the vehicle when I bought it back in 2005 are rusted through and inoperable. I tried to buy parts from subaru parts dealer but apparently they no longer carry the locks anymore as this is a discontinued vehicle. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get one (locks) or if another type of lock will work? Also the handle on my bed door gets stuck in the open position when I open it up and it wont release from the open position unless I force the latch back into the closed position and it will then latch back up. I tried some lubricant but still wont release to the closed position when I pull the handle. Any ideas?

Those types of locks are sold at most large RV parts stores. We used to keep several sizes in stock at all times. They can also be ordered if they don’t have your particular lock.