Baja Bed Cover

I have a 2003 Subaru Baja that I bought used at the local dealership maybe four years ago. At the time it didn’t occur to me to purchase a bed cover but now I have need for one to carry my work gear and the dealership of course doesn’t have them anymore. I did an extensive Google search but having little luck finding a cover specifically for the Baja. Has anyone out there had any luck with non-Subaru made covers or does anyone know of a resource for buying covers for the Baja? Looking forward to finding a solution. Thanks in advance!

Thank you for posting this. I’ve been looking at Bajas as I was the very proud owner of 3 different Subaru Brats. All three of my Brats had aftermarket caps, and I’d want one for any Baja I bought, but I was concerned because I’d never seen a Baja with a cap. Your post confirms my concern was warranted.

Finding caps for my Brats was difficult, but at least doable. Subaru didn’t have them when I was looking; all my Brats were used, but I did have pretty good luck going to a truck cover specialist. He even made me a back window for one of my caps from scratch after I tried to load a lawnmower into the car (take my advice - don’t try this at home!). Perhaps you could find one by going to a company in your area that handles truck caps?

Good luck with your search.

Funny! Right after I posted my question I got on line and again Googled for the bed cover. Found a web discussion about it and they suggested Ozzbros and Snugtop as good sources for aftermarket products that were reliable but the OEM (?) product tended to tear. I believe they are referring to a company that puts out vinyl covers but I’m leaning toward a hard top any way. I found a Snugtop dealer near me and an online coupon toward the purchase. I’m told I’m looking around $400, I don’t think that is installed though. But considering that I’m a mobile massage therapist who has to wrestle her table out of the back seat of my Subie and then back in again after I’ve worked, it’ll be well worth the financial commitment. I love my Baja and hope to drive it until it goes no more!