Subaru Ascent vs Honda Pilot


I’m looking into purchasing a 3 rows car for my family. The 2 options I mostly am looking into are the 2023 Subaru Ascent (Limited?) and the Honda Pilot (EX-L or Touring)

From your experience, is there any reason to choose one over the other? Also, what is the current state of cars? Are there any deals or cars are still being sold with a mark-up?

That will be answered by looking at dealer web sites near you . Not all dealers are marking up or down just because of the market they are in . Only a test drive of each one will help you make a choice.

I have no experience with either, but I see quite a few more Pilots on the road than Ascents, and the Pilots are quite attractive, so of the two I’d be leaning toward the Pilot myself. One problem with Honda’s though, they tend to attract cat thieves for some reason. Not sure if that applies to the Pilot though.

My daughter has a 2020 Pilot EX-L and is very happy with it. We have used it and our 2019 Odyssey to transport people and cargo and the Odyssey is WAY more capable. Note that th Subie will also fail miserably in this test. If you still insist on a SUV, the Pilot is a good choice.

I ran across a YouTube on a Subie
engine and the disassembly. A good thing to watch for anyone considering same. When we bought our first Acura way back, a student of my wife worked at the subie/Acura dealer. Said we should have bought a subie instead of the trouble free Acura. Ha ha ha. Grade d minus for logic.

Dang computer changes all my words.

I’ve seen 3rd row SUVs and often wonder how people get in the back row of those things. I’d almost suggest a Suburban as that would offer more room for all parties, but the base price is $20k MORE than either of your 2 choices.

If you’re transporting everyone a lot, a minivan makes more sense. Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey are 2 great choices

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When we go somewhere in our daughter’s Pilot I sit up front with my son in law, Mrs JT sits between the car seats in the second row and our daughter climbs into the 3rd row through the rear hatch. This will not be necessary when their sons outgrow their car seats. The seat jogs forward and the seat back folds forward to let people into the back seat. Our Odyssey works the same way. You can also walk between the captains chairs in the 2nd row with either if so equipped.

Oh how far we’ve come from the days of kids lying on the rear package shelf or kneeling on the center hump between the front seatbacks.

Mom is #7 of 8 kids in the late 50’s-early 60’s. Grandpa put in an extra bench seat in the back of the family wagon to haul all 10 of them to church. The other church members would stand and watch all of them pile out.

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