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Honda Pilot?

Part of me keeps wanting to consider a 2004-05 Pilot rather than a 2004 Odyssey, 2006-07 Entourage or a 2006-07 Sedona. The Pilot I saw today had a 2nd seat where the middle folds down and that would be similar to the captains seats in the odyssey. The gas milage on the "05 Pilot is 17c/22hw. is this good as far as big suvs go? I can’t recall the mileage that my 222 grand caravan gets so I could getan idea of how much more I’d be filling up a Pilot. I think I am going to ask if I can put all 3 carseats in a Pilot tomo

I had keyboard trouble! I meant to sat “2000” grand caravan . They will just love me and my brood at the dealerships when i try to load all the seats and kids to test drive. Are Pilots more expensive to repair than minivans? I get excited about a pilot but the vans apeal to my practical side and I’d really have to prove that my kids could get in the suv easily. I will know more once Iv’e actually driven a Pilot. UGH! Such a difficult decision!

Didn’t you already ask everyone’s opinion before an we agreed an Odyssey was best? Now you’re comparing apples and oranges. A pilot has far less cargo/interior room than an Odyssey. About 66 cubic feet in the Odyssey vs 42 cubic feet in the Pilot. As far as gas mileage goes expect about 2 more mpg per gallon with the Odyssey overall.

We own both a minivan and an SUV. The minivan is a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander and the SUV is a 2003 Toyota 4Runner, which is about the same size as the Honda Pilot. Here are the advantages of each based on my experience:

1. More space for hauling passengers and cargo. I play in and manage small chamber orchestra and we
give free concerts for underserved areas. I have carried three passengers, 3 tympani, a string bass,
two French horns and 3 music stands at a time. I couldn’t do this with the 4runner. When my son and
his family come to visit, we have more space when we go out together in the Uplander.

2.  The Uplander is slightly more economical than the 4Runner.  Around town the 4Runner gets 15-17 --
the Uplander gets 16-18.  On the highway, the 4Runner gets 22-24 while the Uplander gets 24-26.

3. I can carry 7 passengers including the driver in the Uplander.  The 4Runner will seat 5--it doesn't 
have a 3rd seat.

4.  I like the sliding doors of the minivan for loading equipment or passengers.

Advantages of the 4Runner:

1. It will go through anything.  When we had a 1 foot snow fall, I could get out while other vehicles

2.  It is more maneuverable in traffic and particularly parking situations because it is shorter.

3.  This is subjective, but we prefer the ride of the 4Runner on long trips.