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Subaru 2009 Forester Starting Problem

Intermittently when I attempt to start the car the key will not turn. The wheels are straight. Jiggling the steering wheel a long time helps.

I am 92 yrs old & cannot tyke the hassle.

The dealer says he can’t fix it unless he sees the condition, which is, as I said intermittent.

What can I do ?

Keep going back to the dealer, and document every visit.

If necessary, contact the zone representative. Go over the dealer’s head.

This is a warranty issue. Don’t give up.

Thanks. That is what I will do. Also looking into my State’s Lemon Law

Lemon Laws:

Normally I would ask about all the stuff on your key ring as the extra weight can cause this problem over time, but with a 2009 that should not be the problem.  Keep records of each time it has a problem and as mcparadise suggested, you can try contacting the zone rep.  There should be a phone number in the owners' manual.