2014 Subaru Forester - Key won't turn

Bought a 2014 Subaru forester, 24,000 miles in January and at least on 3 occasions when I put in key to start it will not turn. The first time this happened was at my insurance agents when she installed monitoring device for lower premiums. When it happened again, took out monitor. However, last week it happened again. When tow truck came to take to dealership, it started up for him. It was checked out but dealership could not get it to lock on them.

The only thing I could think of is to disconnect the battery for ten minutes to let the computer reset. How was the monitor installed? I was under the impression it just plugged into the power outlet. Thank you for posting. Discussed this with my agent several years ago, neither of us thought it was a good idea to achieved minuscule if any savings.

Insurance monitor went into area under dash where I have seen places like Auto Zone check when check engine light comes on to ID why (not my problem tho)
Since key would not turn even after device removed weeks prior, figured it was just a coincidence altho mechanic at dealership said they have got false readings like check engine light

with some of devices put on Subarus. My neighbor has a Subaru, will talk to her. Wanted dealership to check with prior owner of car for it was a trade in but do not think they did

when they could not get same problem. After trying to start car several times even locking and unlocking door, just gave up and called tow co who came next morning. He got

car started with no problem so looked foolish. At least dealership did not charge me for checking car and motor club paid for tow. Maybe the trick is to get someone else to start car

when it locks!

I think there is a recall for some brake light on this Subaru but only recall I know of at this time. Always have had GM cars in past so getting use to a foreign made car.


The insurance company monitor has nothing to do with the ignition lock not turning.

The ignition lock could be binding due to sticking tumblers, If that is the case you may want to have it replaced even if the problem can’t be duplicated.

If you park with the front tires pressed against a curb or parking stop the pressure on the steering lock can result in an ignition lock cylinder that is difficult to turn. Next time turn the steering wheel left-right as you turn the ignition to see if it releases. If you hit something when parking, back up a few inches before shutting off the vehicle.


I agree with the suggestion to try moving the steering wheel each direction when this happens. When the monitor was installed, I suspect the agent pulled on the steering wheel and wedged it tightly against this lock.

How were your front wheels when this happened, straight or turned? I am sure they were turned. Somehow this locks the key. I don’t know why but has happened with me too. I wiggled steering wheel with a little force and the key turned. Since then I NEVER keep the wheel turned before turning the car off.

I had turned and pulled in my driveway so I believe because I pulled up, they were straight both times. The other time I had turned into parking lot so not sure it straight when I parked.
Talked to my neighbor who also has a 2014 Subaru and he has not has this problem but he did say he had another vehicle( not Subaru) and turning steering wheel solved his problem so

he verified what you said. There is a slight incline going into my drive but there was none in the parking lot and no barriers in front of car. I have asked salesman to ask prior owner

if this was problem, but since dealership could not duplicate problem, they did not call. Is having tumblers replaced expensive?


Yes, it can be pricey to have the tumblers replaced. You can go to a hardware store and buy lock lubricant. It’s a specialized product, only for the inside of locks with tumblers, and it doesn’t become sticky. Don’t substitute something else! If the container doesn’t specifically say that it’s made for locks, do not use it.

That said, it’s more likely to be solved with the steering wheel wiggle others have prescribed.

If there was a problem with the brake light switch, it could create this situation, because that’s how the car “knows” your foot is on the brake before it will let you turn the key to start it.

Exactly the sticking ignition has nothing to do with the insurance company putting their nanny device into the OBDII port under the dash . Yes sometimes turning the wheel slightly will allow the ignition to tturn and this happens to all vehicles where it may lock like that . there is nothing wrong with the vehicle if that happens .