Subaru 2004 Outback check engine light stays on

But it’s a matter of feeling. Actually I think my car is awesome if I could just get some leaks out of the way as I know it will be awesome on longer trips that 20 miles. I wasnt being technical I was being funny.

Lemonlover. Perhaps I ought to change my name to diamond in the rough lover.

Thanks. I don’t know about lemon laws. I bought the car in Colorado and it was already an auction car due to hail damage.

Still it has promise.



… and possibly some existing mechanical issues, as well…
Did you have your mechanic inspect this car before you bought it?

I had my mechanical son in law who has like this great garage but he didn’t get my oil leak problem and said it was the valve cover. I just sold my car to a mechanic. I guess my Subaru 2004 had a lot of wear and age on it but I sold it through Facebook marketplace and was able to get debt free rather than to go into further debt. He got a good deal after pointing out about 10 more mechanical things it had wrong like the backup light mysteriously stayed on and there was this new engine light on and also it wouldn’t start two times. So I don’t think it wanted to leave me. But the guy fell in love with it just like I did and he drove it home, maybe.
Other things wrong, air conditioning not working, stuck back door, bad tires, in need of brakes, bad driveshaft, bushing housing, and transmission and possible radiator leak. All better for me now except I have to move.

He wanted a safe winter car for his wife to drive. Will things get better?

And he intends to put his wife in this well past it’s prime vehicle . That is just plain foolish .

Lemonlover , I am beginning to suspect you are a fiction writer .
But since you no longer have this vehicle maybe you could ask Carolyn to close your threads.

It was probably meant to satisfy me. He will probably turn around and sell it. Yes the engine will be next I thought.

They’d have to get towing coverage. I agree with you.



Maybe he wants to be her rescuer.