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Check engine light keeps coming on. 1997 Subaru Outback Limited with 75000 miles

The check engine light comes on and it’s code says it is EGR valve or sensor. The mechanic cleaned everything, did a complete tune up. He has cleaned the EGR parts. The After the cleaning and reset the light comes on after about 25 of driving.

Why did you post twice about this problem? And why did you provide extra info this time and not last?

Did the mechanic actually test anything? Or just “clean” it? What was the actual code?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I thought that I should give you more information. The mechanic cleaned the EGR sensor and valve.I did not see the code or read out from his testor but I know that he connected it. On a 1997 Subaru does it give a code or just a readout of what isn’t working.I will find out in the morning because I am going back there. I wonder if he has cleaned it before and it keeps getting carbon buildup back after driving it for over 25 min. I am in Michigan if that matters. Thank you.