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Subaru outback 2004

Flashing cruise light, and check engine light on - 2004 Subaru Outback?

1st time code said we needed to replace an O2

sensor. Two days later same thing happens. But he lights go off next and turn on a few days later.

1st time code said we needed to replace an O2

No the code did not say you needed to replace an 02 sensor. What it said was it got a signal that indicated something might be amiss with or around an O? sensor.

There might be a common cause for both lights to come. The trouble code from the oxygen sensor circuit could give a repairer a helpful clue. Some auto parts stores will get the code, if you ask. Then, you could bring that code here, to this forum, for repair ideas.

I have a Subaru Outback 2004 that has had engine light come on several times. I had code read at napa and light taken off then I replaced gas cap with official Subaru cap. It’s back on though! I wonder if it is moisture. I will have it turned back off because it is dry in Oregon now. Wish me luck.

Most of us wonder too, but you can clear-up everyone’s confusion by posting the specific trouble code(s) that is/are currently being displayed when a code reader is plugged in. In addition to a small evap leak that may have been remedied by replacing the gas cap, there could be an additional trouble code–or there could be many of them.

Find out exactly which trouble codes are present at this point, and then post them for further advice. And, I would suggest beginning your own thread, rather than tagging onto a 7 year old thread that may not be related to your problem(s).

The check engine light turned out to be a broken little part on the emissions system. Once the mechanic narrowed down that problem, wa la, no engine light came back on. The codes always said gas cap and that scenario so I was confused for a while but it was related to emissions system and eventually a smoke test was done and 0ed in on problem. Solution found. Try everything but mostly I figured it out from replies here.

The code often covers a multitude of sins or problems. I had similar and replaced gas cap and thought about O2 sensor. They did a smoke test and found an emissions leak where a small part had sheared off probably when the took engine in and out of my car. Try lots of things. My problem is gone now.

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