Subaru 2003



I have a 2003 subaru Impreza. I bought it from my sister w/ low mileage on it. I have had the timing belt replaced at the end of October 2009. Since then, I Have heard this high pitched sound and the brakes are making a noise. The noise is made generally when you accelerate; not when you are breaking. I have taken it to a Subaru dealer three times and they are not able to help me. At first they said it could be the heat coil that needed to be clamped securely; so we tried that; however, the noise persisted. Any ideas on this. Thank you!


Hopefully the trouble is just due to a bad bearing for the belt tensioner. It could be the tensioner for the timing belts also if that didn’t replaced with the belts, though it should have.


I like Cougar’s theory.
Definitely have the tensioners for both the serpentine belt and the timing belt checked.