Stuttering '94 Nissan Maxima

MY 1994 Nissan Maxima (180K miles) with an $1100 tune up is stuttering as it goes uphill and the temp guage is spiking. They seem to happen at the same time. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Are you saying it started doing this only after the tune up? I don’t necessarily see the connection. It sounds like it is overheating. Are your electric fans coming on when this is happening? If you don’t know, pull over to a safe place the next time it happens and take a look. Have you checked the coolant level? There are other possibilities but let’s start here.

Spiking as in going and staying high or as in fluctuating?

There may be a connection if the real problem is a voltage fluctuation. However I think the place to start is to return to the shop and tell them what’s going on. There are a whole bunch of possible causes.

I’m also wondering what was included in that $1100 “tuneup”. Was cooling system servicing part of it?

1100.00 tune up?(and still runs like crap,let me guess ,you threw so much crap at this thing,and made it worse,too save some money,well that failed,try another 1100.00,then she’ll run.what did you put in NASA aproved spark plugs? well if they are anything like the O-rings they used (well there you go)

thinkin not.