Skip/miss problrm with 1995 Nissan Maxima

Bought my son a 95 Maxima with approx 160,000 miles on it. Had a slight skip/miss at idle while under a load, in drive with foot on the brake. Replaced plugs with Champion and it ran well for a few weeks then started an awful miss/skip. I put old plugs back in and it ran fine for a week or so. Problem resurfaced with a CEL light. Car is not OBDII and local shops couldn’t pull codes, need the Nissan adapter. So I pay the dealer to pull codes and there are three,

1. Coolant Temp sensor

2. Knock Sensor.

3. Ignition Primary

I replaced both sensors and all six coil packs and put in 6 new PFRG5-11 factory plugs gapped correctly. This $%*@% misfire is still present, I’m about to blow an gasket myself!!

Also I can smell what seems to be raw gas when he pulls into the driveway, could this be connected to the problem? Is this gas smell a known Maxima issue on older cars?

Thanks in advance for the help guys.


First STOP throwing parts at it.
2nd find a repair shop that can test sensors.
A few things that can cause your trouble,1st thing that came to me was a wire or connection to temp sensor failing which tell computer to give it more gas and it runs to rich and fouls plugs. That would be why when you changed plugs it was ok for a bit and explain gas smell.
Look and ask for new repair shop

I changed coil packs because the dealer showed me a service bulletin that said change them all if a car that age came back with “ignition primary”. I’m trying to do the work myself.