Stupid car hates me



my crysler sebring 2003 desided to just not start any more no click nothing so i hauled it to the dealer and they charged me 80 dollars to put a fse in it. on the way home from the dealer the car stoped it made no noise just glid to a stop and wont crank over … it does sound like it wants to crank but it doesnt turn over. Some one said there is a relay that would prevent it from starting.need help please


What sound does it make when it, “…sounds like it wants to crank”?
Disconnect the battery cables, use a wire brush, knife, whatever, and clean the battery cable terminals, inside and out. Clean the battery terminals, also. Smear with Vaseline, and re-attach the cables. Try to start. Results?


it trys to crank but it has no power. we charged the battery which is only 7 months old the connections are good but we have no fire. and the idiot light isnt on which it stayed on when we had to change the battery. It is being a butthead car


“we have no fire”. What does that mean? No spark? No battery juice? So your stupid car says: “rrr RRR rrr RRR” when you turn the key to try to start it? And it just won’t go “vrrrroooommmmmm!” OR does it sit there and say " clickity-click, clickity-click, clickity click" when you turn the key to start it? If it just says the latter, then that’s an easy fix. It’s either a run down battery or bad connection or starter. If it says RRR rrr RRR rrr, then it might be a fuel or spark problem.


I would take it right back to the dealer and demand at least an $80 discount on their next repair attempt.