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Studded snow tires

I know studded tires are forbidden on all wheel drive cars like mine and IMO they due damage to roads and should be outlawed. However, my friend has an 2003 Saab wagon, she asked for snow tires and they put studded ones on by mistake. I suggested since she has a good relationship with the dealer ask them to clip off the studs. Are these studded snow tires good for anything? Thanks,


“Are these studded snow tires good for anything?”

No…The labor required to remove the studs far exceeds the value of the resulting un-studded tires. Put them on craigslist and someone will buy them…But if “your friend” did not order the studded tires, make the dealer replace them with whatever she wants…

What state do you live in? Get replacement tires as it was not her mistake, but has anyone ever been ticketed for studded tires?

I can’t guarantee the accuracy, but I foung this:
“Ten states prohibit studded snow tires: Alabama, Texas, Florida, Maryland (exception five mountain counties), Louisiana, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi and Wisconsin.” Are you in one of them? If so, the store can’t “put studded ones on by mistake.” They should know better, and they should make it right.

I would not “clip” them.
According to CR, whose opinion is “usually” right; many tires made to be studded are no better than all seasons on ice w/o the studs. Decent performing winter tires are just about as good now on ice as studded tires.

If it was their mistake, I’d demand they replace the tires with stud free, otherwise keep the studded, change when the law says and she’ll be fine. A local dealer should know if they are legal in your state…that’s his job. If they are not…take him to small claims and she’ll win.

Your friend will pay enough in maintenance for the SAAB…she shouldn’t have to pay for a dealer’s mistake.

BTW, if it’s legal in your state for any car, studded tires are fine for AWD.