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2004 Toyota Matrix - Studs

Is it o.k. to put studded tires just on the front of a front wheel drive vehicle and leave the other tires on the back?

Absolutly not !!! This idea will get you in so much trouble so fast you won’t believe it. Some states don’t allow studded tires and others limit the time period and may not let you drive on cleared roads.

You will better served by putting 4 winter tires on your vehicle. You need to talk to your local tire dealer who is more versed in what is needed for where ever you live.


Our state allows studded tires and the climate makes it a very good idea if you have to go through the mtn. pass.


But @VOLVO_V70 is still right even if your state allows studs.

If you DO use studded tires on a FWD car, install all 4. If you turn a corner with studs only on the front, the rear won’t have traction and you will spin. If you hit the brakes, the rear will skid and the car will spin.

ALL 4, never just 2! Can’t say that enough!