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Vibration and shaking on stops

I have preowned Toyota Camry XLE, 2006, 48K

I feel vibration on steering wheel, on break pedal, under the seat when I stop and shift is on driving position. If I change a shift to parking position, shaking is down to almost O degree.

What may cause this vibration, which bothers me a lot since I am driving in town mostly.



This is likely a question to which you don’t know the answer, but I will ask it anyway:

Is the car up to date with maintenance?

A poorly maintained engine is more likely to be subject to vibration. If you are not sure about what maintenance was done by the previous owner, take out the Toyota maintenance schedule (most likely contained in the Owner’s Manual) and have ALL of the services listed for the last major service (most likely listed for either 36k or 40k) performed.

When your mechanic is taking care of the maintenance, have him check the motor mounts, since bad motor mounts can certainly be a cause of excess vibration, especially when the transmission is in “Drive” and the car is stationary, with the brake applied.