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Stuck steering wheel

My 2004 Maxima is having a little electrical issue, I think. The automatic adjusting steering wheel is now stuck in the “exit” position, or straight up. Today I put the lights on bright while driving and the alarm system went off. About three weeks ago the horn blew constantly as I drove through downtown. What is up?

Your automatic “easy exit” wheel has reached it’s designed number of service cycles…It’s worn out…It will have to be torn down, the worn parts replaced and the chaffed wiring replaced or repaired…

That is bad news. Can the steering wheel be lowered to a stable location and forget the easy exit feature?

The telescoping steering wheels (and many seats also) that I have worked on could be moved with a drill motor once the drive cable (looks exactly like a old style speedo cable) is removed from a non-functioning motor. My advice assumes that the issue is electrical and not a “jam” of some type. If it is a jam, clear it and move the wheel by spinning the drive cable. BMW used the drive cable method in the X5 and we had plenty of work to do with telescoping wheel issues.