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Stuck service lite.. After over heat info inside

Nissin xterra 2007 v6,approx 220k overflow bottle has cap just like the radiator, it failed engine over heated. repaired tank, refilled cooling system runs fine with the temp needle in the cooler third of the gauge SO,
The service engine lite is still on,
I have checked the OBDII and there are NO codes set or pending, yet the lite is
still on, is this drive some and it will reset? do I have to pull the battery and drain the computer? how do I get this Dang lit to go off!

Don’t disconnect the battery.

Drive the vehicle and see if the light turns off.


If driving doesn’t turn the MIL off, you may have to go to a shop that has NIssan’s scan tool. There maybe be DTC’s stored in memory that aftermarket scan tools are not able to read.

How badly did the engine overheat? Just a little steam but the coolant level remained ok and the engine cooling fans where spinning like banshees? Or did the needle peg at max and stayed there for some time while the engine continued to run? How much coolant was lost when this happened? Did the engine stall out from overheating? Or did it seem to continue to run ok and is still running normally?

empted the coolant tank and the rad with so left in the bottom, Sweeties car so don’t know how far/fast with over-heat, runs fine now, no knocks or strange engine noises, did do a oil change to be sure it wasent carbonize, seems to run drive same as before overheat.

It’s possible that the Service Engine light has nothing to do with the overheating issue. It could be a pre-determined mileage interval Service light- a light that goes on at specified mileage intervals so you will know to get Factory recommended services done.

Check the owners manual for info on this- based on the mileage of the car. They may even tell you how to clear it.

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