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2003 Nissan 200SX - Service light - help please

after major service the engine light on my x tral came on .i have performed a number of reset procedures without any sucess ,could you please assist

What codes are you getting?

i am not receiving any codes…what i mean by performing reset procedures ie disconnect the battery,switch the ignition on and press the excellarator pedal etc.


If the “check engine” light is on there are malfunction codes stored in the computer. You need to have someone read those codes with a code reader before you do a reset. Most code readers will do the reset.

What major service was performed? Why not ask the mechanic who did the service to read the codes. Disconnecting the battery is an awful brute force way to reset codes and as you can see it does not work unless the problem causing the code is fixed. If your mechanic is unwilling or un able to read codes, head on over to an auto parts store like Advance, Autozone etc, they will read the codes for free. Post them here, they will look like P1234

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