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Stuck seat belt button

I have an old car - 1986 Jag which sat for a long time. The red seat belt button that accepts the metal male shoulder strap tongue has now gotten stuck down and won’t catch the tongue. Any solutions? I put in a lot of triflo but no results. Any solutions?

Had the same problem with my 87 Ranger & picked up the inboard seat belt for 40 bucks at a wrecking yard.

The dealer wanted to sell me the entire belt assembly for $140.

I fixed my FORD belt with a similar problem by spraying brake clean in the button area and it loosened up.

If someone might have spilled something (soda) in it, I would try spraying it with tuner cleaner so as not to damage the electrical switch inside.

My daughter had a jambed belt buckle on her '97 BMW until a sharp-sighted passenger spotted the problem - one of those little plastic 'T’s that hold the labels on new clothing. No idea where it came from. Paper clip dug it out.

Thank you. Tri flow plus a blast of air did it.

Let us know what “Tri Flow” is. I am always interested in products that actually work.

Tri Flow is a penetrating fluid, it has teflon and seems to get into places and lube them that wd 40 won’t do. Good for rusty bolts and the like. Made by Sherwin WIlliams though I got it at a hardware store. I’m on the west coast.