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Red Seat Belt Button

I have a 2006 BMW. Recently, my driver seat belt red button (the one you press to release the seat belt) got stuck in the release postion (so it is stuck down). When I try to put the male piece in, it won’t take it. I tried hitting it a little with a screwdriver and it jimmied back up. I was then able to put the male piece in, it was accepted and I drove! It then got stuck again when I tried getting out. SO, I know it works, I’m just assuming it’s a little rusty.

Would I be able to put WD40 in it? It does have some form of electronic in it so I don’t know if this is going to affect it.

I don’t think the wd40 would hurt. Just use it sparingly.

Oh, Thank you for replying! I think that’s what I’m going to do.

I guess that a small amount of WD-40 is worth a try, but if–as I suspect–the problem is the result of a small object having fallen into the mechanism, then the WD-40 won’t do much of anything.

My money is with VDC’s suspicion. Having stuffed an occasional piece of tissue into the receiving end of a seatbelt a few times, I can testify that it doesn’t take much.

The seat belt connector cover may be removable. I’d ask the local BMW parts guy fi they can provide information to that effect. If they cannot, and you cannot get the cover off with experinemtation, that end of the belt can be easily replaced.

Have you tried using a hose attachment on a vacuum cleaner to try and remove whatever may be blocking things up?

Ditto for @VDC When something like this occurs, I usually say “Stop eating in your car”. A friend’s wife had a Ford Pinto; the same thing happened more or less. The dealer wanted a completely new seat belt assembly. In today’s money many hundereds of dollars.

It turned out a piece of peanut had fallen in and jammed the mechanism. She got it “fixed” by an independent garage, who had a set of dental picks, for $10.

If the object is metallic, like a paper clip, you could try one of those slim magnets.

Rummaging blindly in the receptor slot with a set of fine needle nose pliers might work too. You won’t be able to pull anything out that’s intended to be there, as it’ll be well secured, but you just might get lucky and grab the foreign object.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I have not tried removing any object but I will as soon as I am able! I did put some WD40 in it and it still is jammed but it pops back up MUCH easier.

Thank you all again for your replies; I sincerely appreciate it.