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Seat belt buckle stuck

A 16 year old girl spilled diet Pepsi in the seatbelt buckle and now the release is stuck in the open position. Any suggestions on how to free it up? Thanks.

Unbolt it from the car and disconnect the electrical connector. Then dunk it in a bucket of soapy water. Let it sit for a bit to loosen up the dried soda. Then swish it around until you cannot see any more dried soda in to. Hang it upside down to dry for a day or more. Then reinstall.

Would WD 40 work? Thanks.

Most likely only temporary. You need to get that sticky syrup out of the buckle. WD-40 may dissolve it, but it needs to be rinsed out to stay working.

My concern is that there are one or two microswitches in the seat belt buckle. If the soda or the soapy water gets inside the microswitch, the problem may get worse. WD 40 sounds like a good idea, but I fear that it may not have much effect on soda.

If it were mine, I think I would try alcohol, or distilled water.