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Stuck intake manifold

Hi all, I have a 1986 Honda Civic Si which recently developed a serious coolant leak from a hose somewhere right in the middle of the engine. I have almost no experience of working on cars, but couldn’t afford to take it to a mechanic, so I started removing parts to get to the problem hose. The battery is out, and the throttle body came off kind of ok, but I’ve removed all the bolts and nuts that hold the two parts of the intake manifold on and it’s not budging at all. I’ve hit it with the wooden handle of my hammer and pulled it this way and that but nothing’s moving. Any advice?

Look at it from underneath.


In my professional experience, if something won’t come out, you probably overlooked a bolt, nut, bracket, etc.

Look at it from underneath, as @pleasedodgevan2 said. It may also help to look with a mirror. There may be some bolt that is impossible to see without the mirror.

Check out the bolt holes on the intake manifold gasket

have you removed all the bolts?

NOTE… You mentioned throttle body so I assumed you had the fuel injected engine.

Buy the shop manual. It will show you the exact location of everything you need to take off.