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2006 Lincoln Zephyr - Maniforld removal

My mechanic friend and I are trying to get to and replace the back 3 ignition coils in my car which is covered by the manifold. He has removed all of the bolts holding it on but we still cannot remove the manifold, what else besides the bolts would be holding it in place?

Intake Manifold Gasket R & R



If the engine is repaired or replaced because of upper engine failure, typically including valve or piston damage, inspect the intake manifold for metal debris. If metal debris is found, install a new intake manifold. Failure to follow these instructions can result in engine damage.

  1. Remove air cleaner outlet pipe.

  2. Remove battery.

  3. Remove EGR tube fitting from EGR valve.

  4. Disconnect electronic throttle control electrical connector.

  5. Disconnect EVAP canister purge valve electrical connector.

  6. Disconnect EGR valve electrical connector and detach wiring retainer.

  7. Disconnect EVAP tube-to- EVAP canister purge valve quick connect coupling and brake booster vacuum tube from upper intake manifold.

  8. Detach fuel tube and EVAP tube-to- EVAP canister purge valve tube retainer from upper intake manifold.

  9. Detach engine control wiring harness retainer from upper intake manifold.

  10. Disconnect PCV tube from upper intake manifold.

  11. Disconnect Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor electrical connector and detach wiring retainer.

  12. Remove upper intake manifold support bracket bolts from upper intake manifold.

  13. Remove bolts and then the upper intake manifold.

  14. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

a. Replace all discarded bolts and nuts with OEM replacements.

b. In sequence,Upper intake manifold tightening sequence’,‘1’, ‘2’ ))** , tighten upper intake manifold bolts in two steps: First step, torque bolts to 89 inch lbs., second step, tighten bolts an additional 45 degrees.


Are you sure? How many is all?

Can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I took all of the screws out” and come to find there’s a couple more that were overlooked.

Once you confirm that what you think is all matches how many there are actually used to hold it down, then the gaskets can have incredible holding power after years of being compressed between the parts. Very careful prying may be required. But I would expect a mechanic to know this…

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Those bracket bolts are usually accessed from under the vehicle.