1988 Honda Accord Intake Manifold

I can’t get the two center, bottom nuts, that hold the intake manifold onto to the cylinder head off of my 1988 Honda Accord LXi because I can’t get any kind of wrench (S-style, obstruction, etc.) or ratchet in there. I’ve tried everything! Does anyone have any idea how I can get them off? Does Honda sell a specialty tool?

The only thing I can think of is that high quality sockets will often have smaller diameter outsides than inexpensive ones, allowing use in tighter spots. The higher quality metal allows stong walls with less material.

Browsing through a tool catalog like the Sears tool catalog might yield something useful. I mentioned Sears only because every sears store has the catalog.

Try asking your question at 3geez.com, a website dedicated solely to 1986-1989 Honda Accords, they may have better advice on how to remove those specific nuts.

Try using a crows foot wrench. If nothing else it gives you an excuse to buy a new tool.


If your looking to pull the cylinder head, it’s sometimes easier to pull the head with the intake on. Also, sometimes a long extension and a universal on a socket and ratchet can get to these bolts.