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Brake line busted

Hello again, need help from the local car guys.

Was driving and my brakes went out, blew a brake line. Not sure what it’s called or if I can even replace it myself, included picture. Any info on where I can get a replacement would be a great help.

Thank you.

Any parts house can sell you that hose . But it looks like this vehicle just might be rusted to the danger point and the other brake lines might be close to failing also .


Parts stores sell brake line with the spring guard in various lengths.


You just need to figure out what length is needed

Then you’ll need a brake line bender so it can be shaped the same.



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Don’t forget that rusty fitting will NOT want to come out. LOTS of penetrating oil sitting overnight and it will still fight you like it owes you money.


I see, I was looking up brake lines and didn’t see one that looked like that. Did not know it was a spring. Thank you.

Yeah, already had to replace the rear axel, this was highly expected and I’m surprised it took 2 years to happen after the rear leaked.

I got rust remover and PB, hoping removing most of the rust first will help the PB sink in better.

@watsuke_169330, as @VOLVO-V70 is saying, this is a potential harbinger of future catastrophe. I think your time and money would be well-spent getting this to a pro who can stress test all of the brake lines. It may be more economical to replace one on your own, but if additional replacements are needed you may be better off to farm out the work.

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If it were my car and I intended on keeping it for awhile longer, I’d do all 4 lines at the same time. If one blew out, who knows how long the others will hang on…


Just cut it at the nearest spot that is not rusted and run the new line next to it. Lea be the rusted one where it is forever.

It is not my car or post @Champ3191. Hit reply at the bottom, not the right so the original poster gets the notice of your reply.

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Unless the rusted brake line is molecularly fused to the frame of the car, you absolutely should not leave it hanging on the car. If I had a mechanic do that I would insist that it be fixed, and then never use that mechanic again…that’s a lazy way to do a repair.