Stuck in the garage

I have a 1986 Merkur XR4Ti on which I recently finished doing some repairs. I was so proud because I had diagnosed a simple problem fixed it and was ready to roll. When I released the emergency break and put the car in reverse, it did not move. It appears the emergency break did not release but the handle did seat completely in the spot it was supposed to so I tried to release it repeatedly to no avail. What next? I really want to move the car out of the garage so I can get my daily driver (Nissan versa) into the garage before it snows again.

What was the “simple problem” and how did you repair it?

I could not get the car to start after washing it…and figured out that the fuse for the fuel pump had blown probably because some water had leaked into the fuse box. So I replaced the fuse and it started right up.

Put it in reverse and give it more gas.

It sounds like your parking brake pad(s) are stuck to the drums/discs. Try rocking the car if possible.

old as this one is, the rear brake cylinders could be overextended and cocked so that they won’t retract, thus locking the brakes. The only way I know to overcome this situation is to pull the drums off with a large three prong wheel puller.

I think these are drum brakes. Either they are stuck to the drums or the linkage from the hand brake to the rear drums is stuck. You should be able to see the levers that the linkage pulls by looking behind the wheel while someone else operates the lever. If you see movement at both wheels, then the linkage is probably OK but the shoes are stuck.

I have freed up stuck shoes by jacking up the car, take off a rear wheel, and hitting the brake drum inward, toward the center of the car, with a rubber mallet. Heating up the drum with a heat gun or even a propane torch can help too.

Since you seem to have put it in the garage wet, the shoes and drums can be stuck from simple rust. Like Goldwing says, give it more gas. They sometimes pop free.