Stuck in 5th

just purchased a 94 ranger cheap it is stuck in 5th gear you must hold in the clutch to start, let it out and you are off. very slowly ofcoarse.

Can you actually shift into the other 4 gears with the engine off? If so, what happens when you shift into first gear; depress the clutch; start the engine; and engage the clutch?

Let us know and we can help you further.

it will not go into any other gears even when it is turned off

Is the shifter in the middle position, i.e. where you can shuffle it side to side? Is the shifter stuck in the 5th position but not moving fore and aft? What exactly does the shifter do at this point?

In any case the transmission will probably have to removed and the tail shaft and cover removed to get the 5th/reverse shifter rail back to the neutral postion. Then the mechanic will have to figure out what is wrong with the selector. I know that does not help much.