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Stuck ignition cylinder on 1999 Saturn SL2

I’m hoping that this won’t be as involved as I’m dreading. The ignition cylinder on my 1999 Saturn SL2 has a tendency to not “pop up” once the key is removed. It had been an annoying intermitent problem but is happening almost every time I drive now. Most times I can pull it up with the tip of the key. It’s sitting in the driveway now with the cylinder stuck in (chimes go off when door is open as if key is in it). I’ve sprayed some lubricant on it hoping to ease it up but…nada. Suggestions welcome. Thanks

Try wiggling the steering wheel? I see your question but am not sure of the problem. Do you have more than 6 keys on your keychain? Many times ignition on the column problems are caused by too much weight from keys. Hope this is somewhat on topic.

I detach the ignition key from my keyring while driving. The problem is, with this car, the cylinder depresses into the cylinder housing piece (sorry, don’t know what it’s actually called.) Normally when the key comes out, the cylinder is flush with the housing piece. It is currently stuck inside that piece (like the key is in it) and won’t pop into place as it should. Wiggling the steering wheel, unfortunately, does nothing. :0( Tried it again a little while ago and it’s really jammed in there. If it’s possible to upload pictures I can take one in the morning and post what it looks like.