Stuck stick shift - 96 Honda Prelude

Sometimes it just won’t get into gear. It feels physically stuck, like I might almost break the handle off when I try and put it in gear. It is sporadic, happening sometimes when I start my car after it has been sitting for a while. I eventually force it into gear and then it is ok after a few minutes of driving. I just had the transmission fluid changed but this appears to have had no effect. Someone has suggested the slave cylinder may need to be flushed? Any suggestions?!?!?!

If the transmission shifts normally with the engine turned off, then the problem is in the clutch, not the transmission. It sounds like your clutch is not dis-engaging all the way, making it hard to get the transmission in gear. I suggest you check the clutch fluid level for a start.

Even if the fluid level is correct, there could be an internal leak in the master or slave cylinder.

I second MC’s diagnosis. If the transmision goes into and out of gear with the engine off you have a clutch issue. It could be a weak slave cylinder or clutch master cylinder. You might have a small leak also. Next time it acts up try pumping the clutch pedal 4 or 5 times and then see if it goes into gear easier.
~Michael (Dartman69 logged out again)

sounds like the schronizers are going out had same problem on a car

My vote is with MC and Dartman.
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Thank you! I added some clutch fluid and it has loosened up quite a bit. I’m hoping there isn’t a slave cylinder leak, since that would probably mean an entire clutch replacement. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile: