Stuck Emergency Brake

We have an OLD Nissan Pickup (1985) which has been parked for many months with the emergency brake engaged. We would now like to sell it. The engine starts right up, like the trusty truck it’s been, but the e-brake will not disengage. At this advanced age it’s not worth putting much money into it. Any cheap suggestions? Someone suggested trying to rock it. Is that likely to damage it? Maybe a light beating?

Rocking it is not a bad idea, or simply driving it a few feet could pop it loose. The engine will overpower the rear drum brakes easily.

However even if the emergency brake does come loose, I would jack up the rear tires to make sure that they spin freely and that the brakes do not drag. That is what could be dangerous as it would eventually boil off your brake fluid and leave you with limited or no braking power!