91 4runner- emergency brake feels engaged

my girlfriend says when she drives it feels like the emergency brake is engaging. i think it comes and goes. not sure if its constant.

so whats going on here?

i don’t see how to edit my q but i have more info. the emergency brake light is on and its been in the freezing temps for a couple of days now so maybe something is frozen. ??

Yea I suggest driving slowly or having it towed to someplace warm and park it there for a few hours and see if that helps. They can get frozen. It may be water in the cable.

What Joseph suggested, keep warm for awhile, get the parking brake completely loosened and lubricate (at the wheels also) or you may find it will need replacing.

Is this the original? Remember the vehicle is 17 years old.

Avoid parking on any incline unless there is a curb to turn the front wheels into. (Like you’re supposed to on a hill) Leave the parking brake disengaged until it is working correctly or is changed.

The parking brake MUST be religiously used or the same result will happen.