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Stuck break bolts

Here I go again. I have a 2009 VW Jetta that i am trying to replace the rear brakes. But the bolts are stuck

. How can I get them off… ? There is not enough room to get an impact back there. What do I do…

Soak your brake caliper bolts with a litte penetrating oil. Use a breaker bar to bust the bolt loose. If that doesn’t work, put a pipe on the end for more leverage. Use a 6 point socket or you might strip either the socket or bolt.

Worse come to worse, unbolt the caliper bracket from the knuckle and use a impact on the caliper bolt then. Expect breakage.

Clean the penetrating oil with brake clean before instslling new pads.


I found an 18" breaker bar and some persuasion usually works. Let the penetrating oil sit for a few hours and use it liberally. I put newspaper under the brakes to allow for dripping. I also have a half inch drive universal joint for my impact wrench, but it doesn’t look like that will fit.

It appears that the bolt you show should not be removed. That bolt and another on the opposite side of the caliper remain on the mounting bracket and you need to remove the 2 bolts nearer the center of the wheel to remove the bracket and caliper together. Once off the caliper should slip off the bracket.

Brakes , Melissa .