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Stubborn key syndrome

I have a possible explanation for the bizarre behavior of the 1990 Maxima that would only release the key if the car was driven for at least 10 minutes.

My guess: something sticky like coca cola was spilled and somehow got on the solenoid mechanism that controls the key release. As the vehicle is driven around, the solenoid is constantly engaged, generating heat, and eventually loosening the plunger enough to function correctly.

Does this wild guess fit the facts? Would the solenoid have the current on while driving and off while parked? Is it located somewhere that a drink could be spilled on it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Has any one used WD-40 or oil on the lock? If so you will need to get it cleaned out. Locks work best when they don’t have any OIL in them. They should be dry and clean. A good zero residue cleaner is a good choice if it needs cleaning. Then a lubricant like graphite (LockEase is one brand) should take care of it if that is the problem.